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    First Name:chris Last Name:sommer Display Name:Cornelius Brief Description:Statement: I find remarkable things in odd places or attempt to make the mundane appealing. My goal is to provide folly in everything and share it with everyone through a visual frame. I currently utilize any medium from colored sand to dioramas, however, I do spend a preponderance of time with oil paints as I find it challenging and often resulting in a desired outcome. I find a total perspicaciousness of the subject limiting, and an abstraction of the model or original thought often creates a symphony of complexity and thus develops a whole new vantage point. Our reality is an enigma and should be approached as a thought provoking mystery. I attempt not to unmask this mystery but remind my participants that an interpretation of thought even applies within a warped visual thus perpetuating further investigation. About / Bio:Visited 100 countries and worked on four continents; worked with Mother Theresa and the missionaries of charity in Calcutta India, taught as an art and English teacher on mainland, China (multiple provinces), lived in an artist community in Tibet, wasted time working on wall street, lived and photographed in Melbourne Australia (3 years), taught and repaired essential schoolhouses in Kenya, was a teaching coordinator in seoul, Korea, lived in Alaska while crewing a salmon vessel and taught art to convicts at Queensborough community college. Instagram: Google+:
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    About My Art: A frenetic but synthesized collection of emotions expressed visually.
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