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    First Name:Abby Last Name:Miner Display Name:Abby Miner About / Bio:Abby Miner, B. 1985, a Cape Cod native has been doing some kind of art since she was able to. Her preferred medium is oil painting, but has her heart and hands in many mixed mediums, such as watercolors, pen, ink, socks, yarn and often anything else she can find. Abby currently lives and arts on a small homestead in Athens, VT with her partner and 3 dogs. City:Athens, VT Website:click here Instagram:
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    About My Art: Abby creates her work both from her imagination and the world around her. Often quite influenced by nature, as well as "the structure of things."  Abby is not afraid of color and has a unique understanding of it.  Many of the colors she sees pass through a subconscious filter in her mind's eye where she mixes that color in her head.  Many of her paintings will have an abstract background with something more realistic in the foreground.
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