How do I purchase artwork?

We provide a platform which connects local artists with customers. To purchase artwork, it is up to the customer to get in touch directly with the artist, either via their email link, a link to an artist website, or by messaging the artist through this website.

How do I set up an account?

Click here to be taken to the registration page, or you can find registration by clicking the "Log In" option on the top of the home page and looking for "register" underneath the login fields. Complete our registration form and choose your membership plan. Once an admin of the page approves the request, you will be all set to create your profile!

Is there a maximum number of posts (pieces of artwork) that I can post on my page?

There is no maximum number of posts per artist (unless you have 10,000 pieces of artwork, in which case we either have an intervention or figure out a way to expand your page).

What should I do if I don't hear back from an artist?

Artists don't follow the rules of time like other humans you may know; give them a few days. If you still don't hear back, email us at artstudentsgallery@gmail.com and we'll reach out to the artist!